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Thinklogical LLC

Bob Weinstein 2013-09-16 03:36:32

Our management team has created an environment where our technical staffers feel secure enough to voice their criticisms and complaints so that working conditions can be improved so that optimal results can be achieved. — Joe Pajer, president and CEO Since taking the helm as president and CEO two years ago, Joe Pajer takes great pride in telling people that turnover at Milford-based Th inklogical LLC is so low he’s reluctant to put a number on it. Thinklogical designs and manufactures secure, high-performance signal extension and switching technology used in video-rich visual computing environments. The world’s data banks are exploding with video data, said Pajer. “The United States government collects over 2.5 petabytes (1,024 terabytes, or a million gigabytes) of video surveillance information from the Middle East alone every day.” To get your hands around that massive number, Pajer said, “that’s 2½ times the amount of information that YouTube collects every day.” “Our technology allows users to access data and video sources (computers, DVD players, cameras, networks) and switch those sources to destinations (such as monitors and displays, video walls, editing desks, control rooms.),” said Pajer. Thinklogical’s unique niche is that it caters to companies that have an enormous amount of video data and need to move it quickly and securely. The benefits of Th inklogical technologies: Better space utilization, reduced noise and heat in the user environment, more effi cient workfl ows for users, greater collaboration and productivity, improved total cost of ownership for IT managers, and enhanced data security for the organization. Solution to video data overload Thinklogical’s team of hand-picked engineers has designed advanced, bleeding-edge technology to manage the explosion of video data. “Our technology allows our government, Hollywood, utilities, air-traffi c controllers and large organizations, to name a few, to access these huge data stores in a secure way, without losing any information.” Talented, motivated workforce, backbone of company To achieve the daunting goal of building complex, secure technology, Pajer said, the company went to great lengths to hire the best engineers in the nation, which, he said, are the backbone and foundation of the company. Thinklogical’s retention secrets Pajer and his top managers have given a great deal of thought to the retention issue. Finding the best solution starts with the umbrella question, “What does it take to retain and motivate the best engineers in the nation?” Understand goals and commitments Before Pajer delved into fi nding answers, he felt it was important to get a clear understanding of the roles organizations fulfi ll. As Pajer sees it, “companies exist for four constituencies. The first is investors or owners. Our job is to produce a return to our investors. Investors gave us their money, and it’s our responsibility to give them a good return on their money. Second, customers. Customers trust us. They buy our technology to help run their companies. We have a commitment to support our customers with superior products and to provide great additional support when they need it. Third, community. “Companies exist within communities,” said Pajer. “Communities support us, and we owe them, not only to provide cuttingedge products and jobs, but also to be responsible corporate citizens and to help the community in diff erent ways (volunteering technical services, for example). And fourth, people. Companies create jobs for communities, and people need jobs in order to meet all their needs, from the essential shelter, food and clothing to all the perks and extras that secure, career jobs can offer. Our lives revolve around our jobs. Th e mythical 9-5 secure corporate job has gone the way of the Edsel. Fast forward to 2013. Because people spend so much of their time at work, work never really goes away. It’s not like the 1950s, where the average person worked 9 to 5; if you were an executive, it was 9 to 6. Then you went home, and your day was over. Responsibility to our workers In today’s world, our jobs are with us all the time. “I strongly believe that as leader of an organization, we have the responsibility to make that an enriching experience,” Pajer said. “Th inklogical’s goal is to create an environment that motivates and inspires our engineers to do their best work.” Pajer said that companies are not going to deliver great results for their owners unless they’re delivering great results for their customers. “And that’s not going to happen unless your people are engaged and excited about coming to work and believe in the missions and values of the company,” said Pajer. “All of these factors have to be in place.” Why Thinklogical earned Top Workplace award Aside from producing critically important technology that ensures and protects national security, Th inklogical has made a special eff ort to get its engineers’ input, opinions and suggestions for making it an ideal place to work. In short, Pajer and his management team have created an environment where its technical staff ers feel secure enough to voice their criticisms and complaints so optimal results can be achieved. Realistically, there is no such thing as a perfect job or workplace. Pajer may never achieve those elusive goals, but he’s doing his best to come pretty close.

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